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Which is the BEST Original Beyblade? - MARATHON BATTLE Plastic Generation Beyblade Burst REMAKE

  November 07, 2017

We recently unboxed Random Booster volume 8 with Shelter Regulus and got a couple more recoloured plastic gen remakes. We wanted to have another sick battle with these remakes and put them up against each other, officially! We’ve seen Dragoon, Driger, Dranzer and Draciel go up against other Burst Beys and they struggle sometimes. Their performance seems a bit more even when you put them up against each other.

Should we battle the other recoloured versions that we got? Which is your favourite out of the 4 original saints?!

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Song: Dare - Approaching Nirvana
Music provided by Ninety9Lives
Video: https://youtu.be/9DYC3FOVxh8
Download: http://99l.tv/DareYU
Song: Let It Go - Axtasia
Music provided by Ninety9Lives
Video: https://youtu.be/WxjNTk_vb2Y
Download: http://99l.tv/LetItGo2YU